Tegakkanlah Agama Dan Janganlah Kamu Berpecah Belah

Sifir Jahmiyyah Melayu

Lihat aqidah cicit jahmiyyah tegar,…

“…Allaah is not a jism, nor a jawhar, nor an ‘arad, he is not above, nor below, nor to the right, nor to the left, nor before, nor behind, He is not within the universe, nor outside of it. He is not direction, nor a place, nor in spatial occupation. He is not a form, or shape, or flesh, or bones, or blood. He does not have color, or taste, or smell, and nor hotness or coldness, or motion or rest, or combination or separation, or wetness or dryness. He does not have parts, and does not have a where, or a when….

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