Tegakkanlah Agama Dan Janganlah Kamu Berpecah Belah

Pandangan Shaykh Najiib al-Muti’ei tentang tajsim

The translation of which is (the saying of al-Banaaniyy):

Know that the Mujassimah are two groups: A group that believes Allaah is a jism (body) like all the other bodies, and there is no difference regarding their disbelief.

And a group believing that Allaah, the Most High, is a jism (body) but not like the (created) bodies, rather [with] a jism that befits Him. There is a difference regarding their kufr.

And the Mujassim [being spoken about], in the speech of the explainer, is from the second group.

Then Najeeb al-Mutee’i, follows this up, saying:

And our Shaykh has objected against his – (i.e. al-Banaaniyy’s) – affirmation of this [difference regarding the kufr of such a one] with his saying: It is said: There is no angle [for] his disbelief, because the origin of his saying returns back to [the saying] that He is not a jism (body), at all, meaning a body (jism) [but] not like created bodies. And hence, this is merely [an issue of] naming (tasmiyyah).

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